Theresa May-scars
Shipping lanes possible damage to seals
Limited help
Saffiyah Khan, EDL protester with a smile
Be careful with your words
Psycho movie poster
Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030
Letters to people
Dont't Breathe Movie poster design
John Hurt RIP
'GET OUT' poster design
Anthony joshua vs Wladimir klitschko
SPLIT movie poster design
Feel of Pregnancy
Carrie Fisher RIP
Woman on the wall (colour variants)
Anything for something
Face distort
Fixing wheel
Stairs down to space
Man and guitar
Bookmark Design
Ladies and demons entry
Take animal testing from the lab,to your pet dog(brief)
Data oversupply is unplugging your brains(course brief)
Yoga vs Anxiety
Sexism and Abuse in the workplace
Gravitational Waves
The effects of pornography
Jaws posters
John Lennon - Imagine Secret 7 entry
Put on a happy face
Image and text
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